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Let down by the hse (Profound deaf)

  • 04-11-2021 11:00pm
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    I have been on the HSE waiting list for Sligo general hospital for 3 and a half years waiting for further testing/ assistance for profound hearing loss as I found that out at 23. I got a letter to go to a private hospital in Belfast by 3fivetwo and I attended a clinic in Kingsbridge they conducted the same hearing test on me which has been done before and told me I'd get help with the two hearing aids on a medical card in the South. I thought I'd be getting the aids I finally needed after the long wait. So I'm back to square one and cannot afford hearings aids. It has had a bad effect on me and just want help. I went back to my doctor and he said that It shouldn't of happened. I've been out of work for this time period because of the hearing and was looking forward to going up there to get them. 

    Has something like this happened to anyone else? Not sure if I should complain to hse, so pissed off.

    I'm no longer on the waiting list.. So what another three year wait?


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    That's very depressing, and it sounds like a glitch in the system.

    You could go to your caseworker/contact at Social Services and point out that you want to get back to work but the hearing aid issue has let you down, they might be able to suggest something.

    Then contact the HSE and ask why you can't get aids having had the test, and make a point of the fact that you can't go back to work till you have them. Contacting a local TD with a copy of the letter would be no harm either.

    If you are really getting no-where you might consider going to the Credit Union for a loan, if you have enough PRSI.

  • Registered Users Posts: 586 ✭✭✭lowelife

    As mentioned above if you have enough PRSI you will be eligable for free hearing aids privately.

    Might not be fully up to the job you require, but something is better than nothing, and at the moment you have nothing.

    Doesn't help the issue of the HSE messing about as you say but food for thought.

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    Sorry, lowelife, that's not quite correct, you get a reduction - works out at around €1,000 I think - I just got it and can't recall the exact amount - but it can still be a considerable saving.

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    It's a bit odd that you had to wait 3+ years to be told that normal hearing aids will do as they are usually available within a few months of a valid hearing test. Perhaps something had to be ruled out in your case. However, now that you've had your medical assessment it should be no more than a few months before you get your aids. Have you contacted your nearest HSE audiology clinic and updated them. You may need your GP to refer you back to a clinic with your medical assessment. Hope it works out.

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    Since 27 March 2021, the Department pays the full cost of a hearing aid up to a maximum of €500 (€1,000 for a pair) once every fourth calendar year

    So yes there is aids out there at the moment that cost less than €1000 (won't be all bells and whistles) but something better than nothing.

    For example the first 2 on the list on this link

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    The hearing aids that specsavers have are not suitable for profound loss.

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    I agree about specsavers aids, they are ok-ish for less than profound loss, I have had better (granted more expensive, but their 'top of the range' is only about half way up).

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    As a long-term user of hearing aids [40 odd years now], I can say that the HSE were much better 20 years ago. Due to the lockdown things have been severely backed up this year and I suspect as you are not really known to them that you are at the bottom of any list. point to note, if you do not attend to an appointment or miss any communication with them you get dropped off the list. The system is in a mess right now I am afraid. It might be of use to contact the deaf association or deaf hear, sometimes they can help by way of advice.

    The hearing aids current on-off at the hse are not exactly top of the range but they do a fair job.

    sometimes it is a matter of making your case as much as you can but keep it civil and polite. The number of audiologists working for the hse is at an all-time low and they may not be anyone in your area.

    do send emails and one or two letters stating your case.

    I do wish you luck.