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charging best practice ?

  • 03-11-2021 7:56pm
    Registered Users Posts: 4 cadencep45

    Assuming a ev battery has a set life of charge/discharge cycles, is there a preferred method to recharge, i.e 0 to 100% and near empty battery before full recharge or multiple recharge so 100% down to say 80% and top up to 100%.

    Does recharge pattern affect battery life/health ?



  • Registered Users Posts: 6,563 ✭✭✭ the_amazing_raisin

    If possible, try to charge to 80% except when you need the extra range

    Similarly, try not to go below 20% if possible

    Doing so should improve your battery lifetime. If you do need to go to 100% or below 20% then that's fine, just don't leave the car sitting in that state for a long time (days or weeks)

    There was this theory a while ago that fast charging a lot was bad for your battery health. I think it's been reasonably disproven unless you're using fast charging 100% of the time, even at that it's probably worse for your wallet than the car

    Otherwise don't worry about charging habits, just plug in the car when you feel the battery is too low. For me I plug in when I'm below 40%