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adding a reverse light extra for NCT

  • 03-11-2021 4:08pm
    Registered Users Posts: 833 ✭✭✭ gussieg

    Hi , have nearly gotten car through NCT after 4 tests, just to go back for a visual , with all the things ive spent on it lately including a new set of keys and unlocking have spent over 1200 on it, so am not giving up now .

    So the issue is, the car i have is a suzuki wagon r 02 and on other wagons, the rear lights have one side with 2 white lights and 1 red and other side has 2 red lights and 1 white .

    when i first started getting it NCTed 3 years ago, they passed it with the previous light set which were a bit marked and dented, but working and safe.

    then last year they failed it on them . so i fixed with silicon. when i took it back for the visual, the young lad said it wasnt good enough i had to replace them .

    So i looked . and looked and looked . not easy to find or cheap. so found one on ebay eventually brand new, and another one second hand , and replaced . that was 80 euro. not bad i thought.

    turns out i now have two pairs of two red lights and 1 red light on both sides, instead of 1 side 2 white and 1 red.

    someone said there is a way to add a reverse light on the back, with wiring. Im just wondering how do i go about it and what sort of light to buy thanks .