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New water connection waiting time

  • 27-10-2021 9:43am
    Registered Users Posts: 632 ✭✭✭ cheezums
    Registered User

    I'm waiting months for Irish water to connect my water. The contractor keeps changing the dates and now wont answer calls. Irish water themselves seem completely clueless. They told me the contractor can't be changed. There's some issue with county council plumbers too which slows everything down.

    Complete sh1tshow. Was it always like this?


  • Moderators, Regional North West Moderators Posts: 43,425 Mod ✭✭✭✭ muffler

    Was it always like this? Yes, every day since Irish Water was formed.

    Contacting your local TD works for some people.

  • Registered Users Posts: 372 ✭✭ JD1763
    Registered User

    We're coming up on 1 year since we applied for the new connection.

    Same story every time from Irish Water just going around in circles - its with the contractor and they'll be in touch when there is an update, then we hear nothing until we email again, get the same copy paste response, rinse repeat...

    Absolutely useless.