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  • 25-10-2021 2:26pm
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    Hi all, not sure if this is in the right category but I couldn’t find a more relevant one so I do apologise if I’m in the wrong place…

    I’ve got insured on my car with quote devil about 3 weeks ago as I lived abroad for a while and they seemed reasonable…I’m paying monthly instalments through direct debit…as I’m sure that’s a rather normal thing to do.

    However, they got me to sign up for a loan through “premium credit” and I had to send in all personal details such as PPS no, bank statements, proof of address, proof of income, residency etc…(whatever else you’d need for a loan application) which I found extremely strange because I’ve been previously insured for years in Ireland with other companies and brokers and I’ve never ever had to go through any of this but they said it’s just how they operate so I uploaded everything anyway…

    My main problem is that premium credit are extremely slow with the application process and I had to resend them the same things multiple times and as a result I still haven’t received my insurance disc which is rather frustrating because it is mandatory to have that displayed on the roads.

    I’m just wondering is any of this normal? I mean I normally I just get insured within half an hour, give them my IBAN / account details so they can set up the direct debit, if they need any additional documents such as proof of ownership, proof of no claims bonus or licence etc…, I would just send those in and my disc is with me within 2 days… They've accepted everything but keep telling me to finish the application, however the app says that my files are uploaded and my application is being processed…

    This has been going on for way too long and I’m not risking driving without the disc displayed… I mean I just wanted insurance I wasn’t trying to apply for a loan but maybe I’m just being over dramatic…any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you


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    Insurance forum might be a better place for this.

    p.s. Make sure your policy is paid up to date OP.