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Adding one router to another?

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    Hi all.

    I'm sorry in advance if I don't explain this well. I'm pretty clueless and don't even know if I have the right vocabulary to explain my issue.

    I am converting my attic into a home office and want to provide wifi up there. The office area will be directly above the kitchen (where my router is)

    I have wireless broadband that averages speeds of 50mb. My issue is that, even though the router is less than 300mm below the ceiling (the router is on top of a cabinet in the kitchen) there is zero signal getting through the kitchen ceiling/attic floor. I assume its because of the foil backed insulated slabs.

    So, I have run a cable through the ceiling into the office. I can now plug a cable directly into the back of the router and then into the computer however this still means I have no Wi-Fi up there.

    what I'm wondering is this. Can I plug a cable out from the main router and into a new router up in the office and use that for wifi? Or is there some way to extend the main wifi signal to the attic so I can use my alexa up there too?

    Any advice appreciated.



  • You'll need to set up the second router as an Access Point.

    The process varies between manufacturers (here's TP-Link's guide for example). You should be able to find a guide for your secondary/attic router by searching for manufacturer or model access point.

  • Thanks a million. My current router is a TP link one and I just check that and the setting is there. So if i get another router I can set it as an access point. That looks to be exactly what I need.

    Thank you.

  • Get a TP Link Powerline (and you can buy ones which have 3 ethernet connections, one of which could be a WiFi extender and another of which could directly plug in to laptop/games console/etc).

    As long as your electricity is on the same ring main, you will be able to plug it in at the router and then plug whatever you want in the attic (and it will give you a very high speed if you can directly plug it in).

    Unfortunately, I believe this is a hard thing to test without just buying some powerlines (or getting an electrician out which would probably be more expensive than the powerlines) and trying it out. But it worked for me.

  • If I was you I would have the cable coming from the main router ( In Kitchen ) to the attic.

    Plug that cable into a 5 port gigabit desktop switch

    Use one cable from this switch and either set your router as an access point or just buy an access point and plug it in.

    This way your desktop switch provides cabled solutions to your attic and your access point is a reliable source for wifi.

    I Converted my own house and used a 24 port switch as I will have that full in a month.

    If you have any questions please feel free to PM me I have an IT company and do this daily I can show you what needs to be done.

  • Hi darrencan1988,

    Can you tell me if I'm getting the right stuff?

    I have a TPLink Archer C50 router.

    Ive just bought a TP-Link TL-SG105 5 port gigabit desktop switch

    and Im planning on buying a TP-Link EAP230-Wall AC1200 Access point.

    Will these all play nice together?

    Thanks for your help.

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  • Google: powerline wifi extender, it is far simpler that what you are trying to do.

  • Thank you! stand the information i need