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Housing Crisis - Log cabin

  • 14-10-2021 10:49pm
    Registered Users Posts: 28 johnnytrix21

    Hi all, we found ourselves looking for a new home to rent recently as our landlord was selling the house.

    We had no luck after searching and trying our best for 3months. We were lucky to hear back from 2 in over 300 requests for a look in via the likes of daft and Gumtree. 1 place was an absolute tiny kip at the side of a working farm and the other the landlord hinted at sexual favours. Both were disgusting experiences neither me or my other half would ever want to go through again.

    We decided to spend around 15k of savings and buy a second hand log cabin which is around 480ft/sq it's not huge but it's ours. We put it at the rear of our parents house on their land. We never sought planning permission a way we saw it as a two fingers to the council and the local parties during this crazy housing crisis. It was a desperate last resort.

    I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has a similar story, were a young family of 3. Absolutely shamballs what's going on here, landlords asking rent 3x what the property can be mortgaged for and that's if youre lucky to even get a look in.

    I'm grateful we have a home over our heads now but we had a seriously stressful 3 months searching for a home. I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. I sincerely feel for other young couples in the same situation. This country is foxxed at the minute.


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