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VAT on item which already has VAT, An Post

  • 13-10-2021 1:19am
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    I tried to find the correct forum, but on mobile this appears to be impossible. Search results give me everything except forums specifically for what I'm searching. Please move to correct one and hopefully I'll find it tomorrow...

    Bought a cheap item from .ie website, read details to ensure Irish as they have a UK one too, notes specifically say they include VAT, have receipt showing VAT applied.

    Email just now from An Post saying I've to pay the VAT and €3.50 for the pleasure. Figure is the same as in the receipt. Item obviously delivered from the UK.

    An Post website useless for info on disputes. My only options on the tracking is to pay or not pay, and I'm not sure what will happen if I hit not pay because it doesn't tell you what happens...

    It's total value was €13.30 incl VAT. Not expensive at all, but im not paying more than I should! Especially when it also carries a €3.50 charge from the Post for them doing this on my behalf. Principle or something.



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    I'd say don't pay and seek refund.

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    Sounds like the item was shipped from the UK. Did the seller charge you UK or Irish VAT? What rate did they charge?

    if they charged you UK VAT, you still have to pay Irish VAT on it coming into the country. Technically you could apply for a refund on the UK VAT, as it was an export, but I don’t know how you go about doing that.

    if the company charged you Irish VAT, then you shouldn’t be being charged it again. Maybe showing An Post the invoice with the Irish VAT paid will convince them, but it could be down to incorrect paperwork/electronic export data from the seller

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    Seller obviously did not enter correct details as if they did it would have sailed through. Its all electronic, so the an post (and dpd, gls etc) system can only go by the inputted details.

    Some english people still think Ireland is part of england because their basic knowledge of geography is utterly dreadful

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    This is the modern world.

    Pay VAT on the VAT, Tax on the Tax, Excise on the full amount and another dose of VAT on top of that plus your shipping costs + fuel surcharge + VAT on the two of them + Import duties

    Meaning something that used to cost a fiver now costs 50 quid.

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    Think that is bad ? Ebay are charging people up front for import duty's, not only that but they are charging huge money for shipping which is driving the duty up. 40% of the packages coming into Ireland are not being pulled by customs. Ebay/Global Shipping are pocketing that import duty as pure profit. Nobody seems to care about it.

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    That's a serious accusation. What proof have you?

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    Right, I couldn't find this on mobile the following day, so I'm finally back at a proper computer and can find things again. I rang An Post, and after about 5 minutes of advertising and letting me know they're very busy, the call was immediately answered once the prerecorded crap was over.

    Anyway, sent on the e-receipt from the retailer and waiting to hear back. Have until the 4th to pay, so I will ring again on the 3rd. Twas definitely Irish VAT, as the amount they're looking for is basically the same was what I was charged (a bit higher, because they think it's a % of the total which included VAT). I shall be leaving feedback on that site.

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    And worse - Ebay Global Shipping are carelessly ripping open factory sealed boxes - an issue for people who like to buy "new in box" old retro stuff..

    “Roll it back”

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    2 things I paid VAT to an Post for were sent back after payment was made. I'd have a look at that other thread if I was you. An Posts handling of non EU packages is a disaster for the past 2 months.

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    I have the same issue as the OP. Ordering from eBay, using AddressPal in the UK, but VAT paid twice now. UK and Irish VAT. Where and how can I claim that back? I doubt I can ever claim this back from the eBay seller, as he has sent it to an UK address.

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    You can't.

    Vat has been applied correctly.

    You have made the error of getting the seller to deliver it to the UK and then you have effectively imported it, thus Irish vat applied.

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    Forgot about this. Can't remember what happened. Probably just paid it as it was so low. Haven't really ordered anything to be delivered since, and if I did it was a legit Irish site so no issues. Oh, and once from German Amazon, again easy and issue free (which makes me feel worse for using them!).