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New build - Blocks

  • 12-10-2021 3:40pm
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    If you were to start building a new house now how would you ensure that your blocks are free from all minerals that could cause problems later such as pyrite or mica?

    What exactly are the steps and costs involved?



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    Keep a block from each load that comes and and a couple of times throughout the build get a materials testing company to come and take them away for testing.

    Costs 250 euro per test but will give you peace of mind.

    Also proper concrete companies will provide certification for their products as well. These companies do not charge much more for their products.

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    Do you know any around Dublin that would check for mica and pyrite?

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    @9214 I use a company called Mattest, give them a try.

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    Would building a timber frame house mitigate it?

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    It would make it way less of a problem as the outer leaf built with blocks is only a facade, would be easy to rebuild and relatively cheap.

    If your inner leaf is also contaminated then your ripping your house to the ground.

    Wouldn't be overly worried about mica unless your buying shoddy blocks in mainly the North Donegal area or a couple of other localised areas.

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    If you buy from the likes of roadstone you'd be pretty well covered. A small quarry making their own blocks, I'd use them on the boundary wall only.