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Report on coast guard helicopter crash still unreleased nearly five years later


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    In March last year, a review board was established to examine certain findings following a request from one of the parties subject to the investigation. The process results from a claim by the party in question that the findings reflected adversely on their reputation.

    Did you even read the damn article or just couldn't hold your water but to get on here and asked loaded questions implying conspiracy.

    Go back to bed.

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    Where in the article does it detail who the claimant party is?

    It's highly unusual for an accident report to have its release delayed this long, and absolutely unprecedented in this country.

    I'm sorry if you have become upset by the questions.

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    If you were the party who's reputation was on the line would you be OK with a report being released that pointed a finger at you as being a person who is possibly to blame for this tragedy?

    Would you not contest the report and want your name kept out of the public light?

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    Clickbait thread title

    I'm sure it will be released in due course

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