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That 90s show


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    The more I think about this, the less I'm sure I want to watch it. Looking at the timeline of That 70s Show, Eric was in waves "Africa" /waves until 31st December 1979 and Donna wasn't pregnant. If the protagonist is their child, and the show is set in the summer of 1995, then the absolute oldest that kid could be is 14 (unless the new series just ignores the timeline and she's somehow 17). If so, the dabbling with sex and drugs is less funny and more dodgy.

    Still, I look forward to seeing a 70+ year old Red threaten to put his foot in the asses of a new generation of teenagers because, as blindly protective as he was of his daughter, I can only imagine how he'll react to lads sniffing around his granddaughter.

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    I was completely unaware until just now that Glenn Howerton, aka IASIP's Dennis Reynolds, was the lead in the short lived That 80's Show.

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    Who wanted this??, sad really

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    If Red and Kitty are back, I'll definitely give it a go. I'd imagine it'll be the same classic set updated for the 90's. Could be a bit of a laugh.

    The 90's are further away now than the 70's were when That 70's Show was actually made. Be interesting to see how the 90's are portrayed.

    That 80's show was awful enough, but nothing could ever touch the UK version of That 70's Show. It was mind-boggingly bad.

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    ‘That ’70s Show’ Spinoff ‘That ’90s Show’ at Netflix to Reunite Most of Original Series’ Main Cast   

    All bar Danny Masterson who is preparing for his sexual assaults court case.

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    Will we meet Kelso and Brooke's kid or did Jackie and Fez reproduce

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    Red is more grey now. Kitty looks exactly the same. Shame they didn’t update her look.

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    35 years since he played Clarence Boddicker in RoboCop.

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    As I recall, That 80s Show had absolutely nothing to do story wise with That 70s Show, and was basically made as a cash in. And yes there was an also short lived U.K. version of That 70s Show, “Days Like These” on ITV (this at the time ITV couldn’t produce a hit sitcom for love nor money).

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    80's show was the studio thinking they want to keep this year to year fad going, irregardless of the fact the 70s cast was starting to want to move on. Never would have worked with a whole new cast. Glad they put it on ice, it will be fun to come back to now that the 90s are very in vogue again. To put it right on the nose, Red Foreman now is dressed and holding a Yuengling exactly as my stepfather does, albeit with more hair. His sense of style retired and died in that decade.

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    Watched it (again) a few months ago. Brilliant film that has aged well.

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    Kurt is excellent in "Patriot".

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    The basement

    I see the girl playing Leia Forman (Callie Haverda) was born Feb 2007, so assuming they filmed it last year, she would have been 14 in real life.

    So Donna must have got pregnant almost immediately on New Years Eve.. ish..

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