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Putting a tractor on the road for the first time in decades

  • 06-10-2021 12:08pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1,050 ✭✭✭ Uncle Pierre

    Hi all. Not sure if this is the best place for this, but here goes...

    There's an old 1960s tractor at home, that my father bought in the late 70s. He reckons he taxed it until about the mid-80s, but then gave up, because it seldom if ever did a trip of any more than about half a mile on the road (the distance from our yard to the gate leading to "the far fields"). Tractor was parked up around the year 2000.

    He's now getting it restored, and it'll soon be ready for driving again. He's talking about bringing it out in the odd vintage tractor run from time to time. Thing is, I reckon he'll be in all sorts of trouble as regards sorting tax and insurance.

    Making it even more complicated is the fact that we don't even know the registration number. It was just painted onto the front when he bought the tractor, and was put on with stickers at the back. The paint has long since worn off, and the stickers have more or less all chipped away over the years. We're fairly sure about two of the letters and one of the numbers, but the other ones are a mystery. The last tax disc was removed and thrown away God only knows how many years ago, and he can't find any other documents relating to the tractor either.

    Anybody got any ideas what we can do here?


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    Plenty of experienced people here,

    My opinion is chassis or engine stamp/number should get you a tax book with some traceing from tax office records.

    Any back tax from the last year's can be wiped off by changeing tax book into someone else's name.

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    Thanks. The simple thing of just changing it into maybe my name hadn't occurred to me. Would say the bossman would have no problem with that if it wipes out who knows how much in back tax. 😉

    Will have a look for that number as soon as it gets back from the place where he has it right now. Any chance you could give an idea where exactly to look?

    It's a Massey Ferguson 135, much like this one:

    (Couldn't help looking to see how much these things might be worth, if he ever decided to sell!).

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    I doubt they will have records available even if you have the engine number, they just won't be on any computer system, and no public servant is going to go Trawling through paper records for an old Tractor. You'll probably end up just applying for a new Tax book, which would entail getting your local Ferguson dealer to verify that the tractor is a mf135 with it's vin number. they'll then issue a new licence plate number and book. Pay the €102 Tax/year from that day on.