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Does Anyone Use XL (Extra Load) / Reinforced Tyres on Their Car?

  • 03-10-2021 11:47am
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    I will be in the market for new tyres in the near future. Have been looking online, some of the least expensive options for new tyres include XL/ reinforced tyres. I don't need reinforced tyres as I never carry anything heavy. I was just considering them as a.budget option.

    Has anyone any experience of using XL tyres on their car? I understand there's a trade off between XL possibly lasting longer against increase in fuel consumption & noise level etc, but depending on reviews some say it's minimal.

    My car is a 2003 Peugeot 406 Hdi XL tyres are available in size for this at 205 55 R16 94 W. The brand I am looking at are Event Potentum UHP

    I know these tyres are for carrying heavier loads, vans, SUV etc but might consider them or other budget options as I have had some outlay recently & the car is 18 years old now, but running well.

    Would be interested to hear from anyone who has tried XL tyres on their 406. Or any budget tyre recommendations. Thanks.


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    I had 18 inch XL rated tyres on a Volvo S60 before and there was a noticeable difference between them and the standard sidewalled tyres I bought previously. I found the ride harsher on the XL ones and it felt like more of the bumps were transmitted to the inside of the car. They will also transfer more of the load to the suspension and steering components so if any of them are weak, then they will experience a lot of extra wear as a result. Once the XL ones wore out, I went back to the standard sidewalled tyres and it was a revelation.... The ride was so much smoother and quieter!

    As an aside, I have never heard of "Event Potentum UHP" tyres before so have no idea where they are made. Is there that much of a difference between these and the standard tyres that your car originally came with? For me, I would rather spend the little extra and get the correct tyres. XL are akin to run flats and if you don't really need them, then I would avoid them if possible.

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    Going with a budget tyre, it’s still going to wear quicker than a midrange/premium. I went with a decent all season tyre and it’s been super for Irish climate -even snow 🙂 When it comes to my car -decent oil & decent tyres are money well spent.

    For an 18 yo car not heavily driven-the tyres you’re looking at could be ok, but if you do lots of driving … well it all depends on use.

    Considered xl also but decided against as I read more noise transfers via the sidewalls. If I were parking next to a kerb regularly (and bad at parking) or pulling a load …then I’d consider it.

    have a look at the tyre reviews website -its excellent!

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    Have 225/45/17 kumho with xl sidewall on both cars here. I bought them online and the xl were a euro dearer each so I went for them. Both cars are parked out on the road though, against a kerb. I didn't notice any difference on my avensis, and the missus hasn't complained about her car so all good.

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    Friend put XL tyres on his Lexus as apparently they have stiffer sidewalls which somehow reduces an issue they have of wearing on the inside of the rear tyres.

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    Going with a budget tyre, it’s still going to wear quicker than a midrange/premium.

    I don't know where you got that information but it is wrong. Premium tyres wear faster as they are made up of more rubber where as cheap tyres will last longer.

    I had low profile tyres on a car I owned and the standard tyres squished from the weight of the engine and gearbox on the front but were fine on the back so I got XL tyres on the front when the old tyres wore down and it fixed the squished look on the fronts. You wouldn't noticed it unless you have a really low profile tyre like I had.

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    Thanks for your reply. Event Tyres are from The Netherlands, they are part owner by Continental. These tyres are around 60-70 cheaper for a set fitted, balanced all in than say a premium tyre. But when you factor in a harsher ride, noise levels ,& possible increased wear to steering & suspension then it's not so appealing.

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    They're Chinese tyres, only the distributor is in Europe. I don't believe they're associated with Continental - some tyre shops will tell you absolute bullshit in this respect. I'm not going to tar all Chinese tyres with the same brush, but I've heard nothing good about Event.

    I had Pirelli Cinturato P6's on my 406 (albeit 15" wheels) and they never let me down. I previously had some Firestones (forget which exactly, maybe TZ300) and they made the steering feel unnervingly light at motorway speeds.

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    Just out of curiosity OP. How much is the total for the 4 tyres you are looking at? I recently (in the last 6 weeks) got the same size tyres fitted to my Ioniq for €400 albeit they are Michelin Primacy 4s. I would be pretty sure you can get a decent "known" brand for less than that. Hankooks (spelling....) are a very good mid range tyre and would certainly be cheaper than the Michelins I purchased.