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Disc Pad Confusion

  • 02-10-2021 8:49am
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    Looking for some guidance on disc pad compatability.

    Recently needed to change pads on a 2021 105 bike with hydraulic disc brakes. Outgoing pads were L03A with the fins. Couldn't get same again so shop put in K03S. I see some L03A available online so might buy them for future supplies.

    Separately I have a 2019 bike with Tiagra Hydraulic Disc brake setup and I'm pretty sure rear pads are gone/going. Rather than have a load of shops tell me they don't have stock I'd rather just buy in advance. Bike spec says brakes are BR-RS405. Is knowing it's BR-RS405 enough for me to figure out which pads to buy?

    I found this chart which seems to cover the topic in detail.

    My questions

    1) Am I correct saying any K03, K04 or L03 will do the job? Or is there more I need to consider?

    2) Will both the 105 (above) and Tiagra hyd brake setup take both finned and non finned pads? I have found both L03A and K03S available online and based on the chart it seems to suggest both will work.

    Thanks 🙂