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Am I Buying The Right Parts?

  • 30-09-2021 8:43pm
    Registered Users Posts: 678 ✭✭✭

    As the title suggests, I'm trying to get some parts in advance of needing them, I have already gotten an 11 speed chain, and a cassette.

    I was looking to get some chainrings, but dont know if I am looking at the right things, plus is there always such a disparity between the inner and outer rings? (€19 Vs €90)

    I suppose I also wanted to know am I being over cautious in buying them now, it's just that I couldn't bear to have the two/three month wait for parts being experienced by others because it would leave me without a bike for that long.

    I have a 2018 Cube Attain GTC Disc - (all components listed)

    I have sourced on alltricks the 34 inner ring -

    and the 53 outer ring -

    would anyone know if I

    A. Have the right parts

    B. Gotten a decent price

    C. Am nuts considering buying these "just to have"

    I'm not a heavy user on the bike, probably 6,000km on it, theres little or no play on the original chain according to the chain checking tool, the cassette and chain rings are both original too.

    Thanks in advance all.


  • Registered Users Posts: 2,964 ✭✭✭Plastik

    You should be clocking 20-25k out of chainrings easily as long as you're on top of chain maintenance IMO.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,115 ✭✭✭nilhg

    53 outer wont work with a 34 inner, your bike has a 50 as it is now, best to stick with that. What makes you think you need to change the chainrings?

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,442 ✭✭✭TheBlaaMan

    So, at the outset, it is great that you are tackling some fettling on the bike - nothing like getting your hands dirty!

    That said 6K km is nothing on a set of chainrings, so realistically they really dont need changing. I'd expect to get 25-30K km out of a set of 'rings and at your current rate of use, that it so far into the future that you will have bought a new bike in the interim !

    The existing crankset/chainset is shown as : Shimano Ultegra FC-R8000, Hollowtech II, 50x34T, 170mm (50/53cm), 172.5mm (56/58cm), 175mm (60/62cm), so if you are looking at like-for-like, you should get a 50 tooth outer ring, not a 53T. While a 53T will fit on that chainset, it needs to be matched with a larger than 34T inner ring, typically it would be a 39T inner. going with 53/34 creates a very large (19 tooth) "step" when shifting up, and a 16 tooth difference is typically the max you should ask the front derailleur to deal with.

    Spend the funds on some new tyres or bar-tape instead. Replacing the consumable chain and cassette is definitely something that will be needed, (the chain typically twice as often as the cassette) so that will serve you well.

  • Registered Users Posts: 678 ✭✭✭wheelo01

    Yes I got cross eyed looking at the specs and mixed up the length with the number of teeth, so it is lucky I asked.

    You seem to be in agreement that I do not need to have them just in case, that i am a couple of years away from needing them, so I'll take that on board, many thanks.

    I do keep on top of chain maintenance, and this current chain shows minimal amount of wear, so i will be a while away from using the spare chain, plus cassette i already have.

    Thanks again

  • Moderators, Category Moderators, Arts Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 48,282 CMod ✭✭✭✭magicbastarder

    they say you should change the cassette every 2 or 3 chains, and the chainrings every 2 or 3 cassettes, so by that metric you're still several chains away from needing chainrings.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 12,863 ✭✭✭✭crosstownk

    I've heard this here and elsewhere. However, I've had cassettes last a lot longer than 2 or 3 chains - often double that at ~5,000km per chain. My attitude is 'don't fix what ain't broken' so if I replace a chain and it works fine with the existing cassette/chainrings then I leave the cassette be.

    What's really important for maximum service life is that the chain is cleaned and re-lubed regularly - especially after wet weather rides. If chain maintenance is neglected/ignored the it'll be a new chain and cassette every time.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,578 ✭✭✭Trekker09

    At this point I'd invest in good quality tools. A chain wear indicator is cheap yet essential as well as a good chain whip and cassette removal removal tool