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Professional Long Drives Association

  • 30-09-2021 5:03pm
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    Tournament running this week of which Bryson DeChambeau is competing and doing extremely well!. Link to watch day3 can be found here. It's being played on youtube

    Starting Off today it's the seniors division. Guys who hit the ball from 250 yards to 300 yards. The main event starts in a couple of hours


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    Happy gilmore goes full circle except the complete opposite in that a rich professional golfer takes on the loud aggressive long drivers at their own game. Viewing audience expands to include a new demographic of wealthy caucasian golfers not normally interested in a redneck abrasive sport involving lots of grunting and shouting. Bryson does to golf what happy gilmore did to it 25 years ago.

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    I saw a clip on youtube where he seemed to be doing very well in it. Is it still going on? How'd he finish?

    It's a bit mad that they hit so many OB. I suppose if the objective is to see how far someone can hit it you might as well let them have lots of goes at it, but still. It's a bit mad!

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    Bryson seems to hit a lot more inbounds than the others, I guess that's one reason why he's on the PGA tour and they're not!

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    Bryson is into the last 16 and qualified with room to spare. He'll be pushing it to make top 8 but he might just sneak in. As said, the fact he hits so many inbounds gives him a huge advantage over the others but his ball speed is still a bit lower than the guys who are probably going to win this.

    Hopefully we get a bit of downwind today or even no wind at all. It's been a grind the last 2 days with the wind being into them. Be nice to see loads of 400+ drives for the final day.

    If we do get a downwind wwatch for Taiga Tazawa, japanese golfer, his back swing is nuts and he absolutely launches it. He surprised a lot of people day1 with the numbers he put up downwind

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    Schedule for today (all times are Pacific standard time, 8 hour difference to us)

    amateurs 8:30am (4:30pm Ireland)

    Ladies 10:45am (6:45pm Ireland)

    Seniors 1:30pm (9:30pm Ireland)

    Open/Brysons grouping 3:45pm (11:45pm Ireland)

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  • Registered Users Posts: 20,042 ✭✭✭✭Rikand

    Link to the live stream for all today's long drive

  • Registered Users Posts: 23 thefloor

    How far would the ladies hit it?

    Edit: just watching them now, some well over 300 yards. Was expecting them all to be built like tyson but alot of them just look normal. Just shows no reason why anyone cant reach those sorts of distances with focused training

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    Kyle Berkshire won this in the end in what was, I felt, a very anti-climatic final between arguably the two best players in the division. The last match just didnt have the sauce of the other games, despite there only being 4 yards in the difference between the two of them at the end and they both hit well over 400 yards.

    Bryson put up a great showing, getting to the quarter finals and only narrowly missed out on a semi-final spot.

    Kanani Lodge won the ladies. She was class. Just a really great swing and as you said thefloor, no reason why anyone couldnt reach those distances if they put the time in

    The seniors final was absolutely class. Both guys absolutely went for it, out matching each other shot for shot. Jeff Gavin winning by a yard.

    There was an amateurs division too, but I missed that one.

    Really glad I tuned in for the week though. Was very exciting for the most part and having Bryson in it definitely give it a bit more spice

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    Really enjoyed the coverage on YouTube even though it was a bit low tech. The 2 boys commentating were certainly passionate and gave a good insight to the sport. Bryson has brought a new level of interest and performed very well. Seems like Kyle Berkshire has been mentoring him on his driving technique.

    Some good characters on the scene, such as Martin Borgmeir who got to semifinal. Worth following Berkshire and Borgmeier on Instagram for some tips on technique etc. Not sure if dope testing is routine though.

  • Registered Users Posts: 13,689 ✭✭✭✭callaway92

    Same question about dope testing can be asked about PGA Tour/Euro Tour in fairness

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    There's a pretty close relationship between Kyle and Bryson over the last year. Not long after they started doing vlogs/youtube stuff, Kyle joined the Cobra stable from Callaway. There's a video somewhere on youtube of Kyle demolishing an 8 iron (300yds) on a simulator and Bryson pretty much falling in love at that exact moment.

    Kyle is also a pretty accomplished amateur golfer in his own right. I believe he was +4 at one point. I know he's been focusing a lot of time on his golf game (short game especially) to try pro events. He's turned down invitations for comps in the past as he didn't believe he was playing well enough.

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    300 yard 8 iron? I just can't get my head around that. It's ridiculous. I'd hit it about 160 yards which I think is pretty decent. And that's twice as long as me! I would be about 50 years short of that with my driver.