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Engineered cyanobacteria uses electricity to turn carbon dioxide into fuel

  • 29-09-2021 12:12am
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    A combined team of researchers from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Miami University, has developed an engineering process that allows cyanobacteria to use electricity to turn carbon dioxide into ethylene or acetate.#

    The energy conversion efficiency for acetate production under programmed intermittent LED illumination (400–700 nm) and exogenous electron supply reached ca. 9%, when taking into account the number of photons and electrons received by the biotic system, and ca. 3% for total photons and electrons supplied to the cyanobacteria

    cyanobacteria are also known as blue-green algae so all you need is a tank and renewable electricity. Unlike green hydrogen ethylene / acetate can be converted to liquid fuels or plastics.