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What would the Irish boxing scene look like without the presence of traveler culture?

  • 26-09-2021 8:49pm
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    When I say "traveler" I mean, Irish traveler specifically.

    The country has acquired a diversity of traveler communities (different nationalities) over the last couple decades, but for the purposes of this discussion let's assume we're referring to conventional Irish travelers specifically.

    Of course this is in response to the Presidents recent comment and subsequent range of backlash threads that have cropped up on this sub.

    So for no other reason to really bring a little balance to the argument, and indulge in a little deliberation surrounding the issue....


    But first - allow me to say that specifically as a youth growing up in Ireland, like many others, we all had some less that triumphant interactions with members of said community, and additionally the other less savory aspects of society (teh "bad boys") seemed to conflate with traveler youths in their general uncivilized and degenerative misconduct.

    i.e. you'd often see them band together to form a generally intimidative "posse" of sorts, that seemed to form some kind of youth social hierarchy based on threatening behavior.


    That being said, would it be fair to say we've had several Olympic competitors in the sport of boxing that were travelers? More Olympic competitors that were travelers, than not?

    At the moment I can't comment on the degree of success they're having, but of course a decent percentage of current IABA amateur competitors nationally, are travelers.

    And, you know - putting the fictitious nature of the film "Snatch" to the side for a moment (and the embarrassingly illiterate "trash talk" youtube videos that tend to appear surrounding these unlicensed contests), there's been some pretty epic bare-knuckle "fist-fight" brawls on youtube, all conducted in some clandestine location (typically a country road or barnyard somewhere), participants and video producers all constituted by travelers.


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    And, I assure you I say this purely out of general consideration of the situation as a whole:

    But if you google "Irish made video" in any pornography search engine, the majority of Irish skin flicks are recorded and posted by travelers.


    I didn't necessarily say said skin-flicks were any good.

    But there's an extremely outside case to be made that, as far as Irish culture goes, travelers lead the charge in "the two F's";

    "Fighting", and,

    "Fuuuuuuuu.......... fornicating".

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    Interesting. Could you put me on to any of these said videos… you know, for research purposes.

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    We have too many traveller threads already. Any more are simply trolling

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