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Looking for advice for a whiskey to buy for a significant birthday

  • 26-09-2021 6:38pm
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    Hi all.

    I know very little about whiskey so I have come here to get advice on buying a bottle of whiskey for my brother in law. It's a birthday present for a significant birthday and I am prepared to spend up to €150 on one or two bottles depending on the recommendations here.

    My BIL is a whiskey drinker and AFAIK he likes Jameson and on past occasion he has bought a bottle of (I think) 12 year old Jameson as a Christmas present for my father in law - just adding this to hopefully give some idea of where his tastes lie. However what I would like is to get something different from Jameson, I mentioned the Jameson so someone might be able to recommend something that is different but in the same style (if that makes sense). I'd like to get something Irish and something that I will be able to get this week - his birthday is at the weekend.

    Thanks for any advice offered.


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    You could go into jameson, they used to sell bottles of 12 year with their name on the label. Makes a nice gift. Bemm

    You could get him a range of whiskey such as powers, powers 3 swallow and powers John Lane. He'll have 3 nice bottles of whiskey for different occasions.

    Redbreast 12 cask strength is very nice, at 100 euro, but may have too much heat for some.

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    Irishman 12 yo

    Tyrconnel 16 if you stumble on a dusty bottle on a shelf

    Knappogue Castle 14

    You could get a bottle of something and then a sampler set of mini whiskies such as from Teeling or Midleton Pot Still

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    It's nice that you're that fond of your brother in law, I'm sure he'll appreciate the generous gift.

    The bulk of the suggestions I'm throwing out are from the Celtic Whisky Shop, as at least then you have a one-stop shop for ordering, and they are in stock.

    Irishman 17 year old single sherry - Of the various smaller Irish distilleries I've always had a soft spot for Irishman, they seem to be very canny at just putting out a good product, wherever it comes from. 130 euro on CWS.

    Teeling Renaissance Series 3 - This comes in a stonking great box and has an unusual flask shaped bottle. The whisky inside is muscat aged and a previous iteration was an award winner for Teeling. To be honest visually I feel like it would make a very strong gift and Teeling do produce good whisky in general so a strong contender I think. 140 euro on CWS.

    If you were to buy two bottles of something my suggestion would be to play it safe on one offering, and then to buy something that's a bit of a curveball... Like get a bottle of Jameson Black Barrell and then get something younger from one of the new distilleries, like a Waterford Cuvee or something from Dingle.

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    If you are going with a multi-bottle approach and you have €10 / €20 left, I see Tesco have 20cl 'naggin' size bottles of Jameson Caskmates on offer for €10

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    Nothing says significant birthday like throwing a naggin in there :P

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    If your going to spend €150 then for a few quid more you could get a bottle of Midleton, or go halves on it with someone

    I thibk they are due to release more 2021 before the end of the year.

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    Redbreast 21 180-190 but gorgeous

    Redbreast 15-90 euro

    Redbreast 12 cask strength 90 euro

    Bushmills 16 85 euro

    The irishman 17 is supposedly stunning at 130