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Dublin Registry Office Exact Location. Caution Jobsworth Alert!!

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    It's over a week now since we tied the knot in the Dublin Registry Office. We had a fantastic day. This is not the reason for my post though.

    Before the ceremony in the Registry Office, we, like many other couples had no reason to go anywhere near Sir Patrick Dunn's Hospital.

    This is the official address of the HSE Civil Registration Service Registry Office. The problem is that there is NO parking here. Our car drove in the gate of Sir Patrick Dunn's and there are NCPS paid parking signs all around the car park. I had NO idea that we were in the wrong place, until the resident "Jobsworth" comes out screaming that you can't park there! He is not in the least bit helpful to anyone and he definitely knows why you would think you are in the correct place as everyone is dressed up to the nines.

    This seems to be his M.O. with everyone as he had more customers shortly after us. He then tells the driver that he can park on the left side of the car park, (where he can watch the car) and to make sure to come and "See Him" before we leave. Now there is local on-street metered parking, but it's not guaranteed and can be quite a distance away. Anyway, after the ceremony, I went back to the car and spoke to the driver, just as "Mr.J" makes an appearance to be looked after. I'm not here to complain about no free parking, but to alert anyone intending to use the Registry Office to maybe have a look at Google Maps and note the Exact Location of the Office you need to go to, as the address of Sir Patrick Dunn's, can be a bit misleading for a lot of couples and you'll have to be on the lookout for "special permission" to park for the duration of the ceremony.

    Best of luck with him.... Rant Over !!