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Wedding day time line

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    We are getting married in next May & have everything pretty much sorted thank god,

    Just wondering is there any tips people have who got married for there wedding day timeline ,

    i know everyone wedding is to suit themselves and there is no wrong way but do any of your guys with experience think any of the below times should be changed or moved around .

    So far we are looing along the lines of the below the below for our wedding next year

    1400hrs Ceremony

    1600hrs Arrival hotel (could change that back to 1530)

    1630hrs Drinks & canapes / finger food

    1800hrs Dinner

    2030hrs Band

    1100hrs Dj

    0100hrs bar close

    0130hrs residents bar ,


  • That timeline sounds grand for your guests but yours will probably be different.

    I'm not married but have observed a few. I would discuss with your photographer what they plan to do for photos. I've been to a few weddings were the couple are literally only back from photos and dinner is being called.

    A few of my friends packed ham sandwiches in the car to eat between ceremony and arrival due to photoshoots.

  • Oh ye 100% we are at the discretion of the photographer to a certain degree

  • Overall, seems grand.

    A few small things. How far is it from the ceremony to the hotel?

    Have you agreed times with the hotel? 1.00 seems very early for the bar/dj to finish. Are all/most guests staying the night? Are they staying in the hotel. Is the residents bar open for everyone or just guests staying in the hotel? Is the residents bar open all night (as desired), or until a set time?

  • We are May next year too.

    Thr plan is to have ceremony at 2pm so it’s not too long a day for guests.

    Also we want to do photos before the ceremony so we can actually be at the reception with our guests and also to get it over with.

    For the other timelines I am going to get advice from our hotel and go from there.

  • One thing we did at ours was cut the cake after the ceremony and serve it immediately. Looking at your timeline you could do it with the canapes. Everyone is normally starving before the dinner and this way everyone gets to eat and enjoy the cake rather than serving it to a load of drunk people at midnight.

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  • Hey we are getting married in the City centre so its 1k from the ceremony to the Hotel so most people will be walking & we have a section in a pub on the way reserved for 1 drink for whoever wants to make the stop ,

    We will be off getting our photo's at this stage

    Ye most are staying over & the residents bar is open for all guest until 3 ,

  • Timeline looks good.

    Would advise getting the photos done as quickly as possible. Make this clear with the photographer before the day. ie we want this done very quickly. Theyre a pain in the hole (photographers and photos) and you'll never look at them anyway, or the video if you get one. Try get 1 good one and 1 good one with the family or whoever. Ours took 10 minutes all in.

    Try to enjoy your day. Congrats!

  • Don't try schedule it too much. In between ceremony and dinner the guests will do what they want and you'll be busy with photos and then meeting people. You probably won't be at the venue too long before grub. Tell the band to be ready for half 8 but check with the hotel how long dinner usually runs for. Three things ya should set times for - church, dinner, music. After that, forget about it and enjoy the day. Don't go worrying about what guests are doing or if they are not eating canopies or whatever. You have a spot reserved for 1 drink. Forget that. Very few, if they stop there will only have 1 drink. Maybe canopies isn't a great idea if people have the potential to stop for pints on the way to the venue :-)

    You deal with you and let them deal with themselves. Best of luck

  • Hey thanks for the heads up

    The stop for a pint was just to fill some time between the ceremony and the arrival drinks for people because its such a short walk though the city ,its a friends pub so its no problem in dropping that idea,

    its great to hear form people wit first hand experience of the day

  • We did this too and I recommend it, I hate when there's not many canapés and you're starving waiting for dinner. We did it all in one venue though, might not be possible if you're going off for photos and arriving to the reception later.

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