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Accounting Software

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    Looking to move from TAS software and I'm interested to see what others would recommend. Its for an SME but I need full accounting and reporting functions.

    Following very brief research, it seems the popular choices at the moment are Xero and Quickbooks. Does anyone have experience with either of these and would you know how they compare with TAS?

    Also if anyone can say what the benefits of online/cloud accounting are please as that seems to be the way to go from what I can see.


  • Hi, I am currently also using Xero cloud accounting (as well as Sage 50 clouds) which is fairly good and easy to use. However, regarding the VAT RTD (return of trading details) it is not set up as Ireland is the only country using it and Xero will not add it to their software as it is not considered a vital part of their platform. But I would definitely search for a cloud base package as the updates come automatically and can be operated from any PC or tablet.. Hope this help..

  • Thanks for your reply. That’s interesting re the RTD issue in Xero. How do you get around that? Does it cater for VAT at all and does it produce the VAT 3 return?

    I’m reviewing Sage too, would be interested to know what you think of it?

  • try

    Irish owned and based company with support here and reports are made for the Irish market rather than other software which is adapted to the irish market and doesnt always work