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Starting a new job and revenue

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    Hi guys, I'm starting a new job on Monday and I'm wondering if I need to contact revenue or do anything on myAccount?

    I've left my job since the 10th of September this year. When I login to myAccount online I can see that I can remove or add a new job.

    Do I need to do remove the old one and add my new one or is this all done automatically?

    I'm still waiting for my last pay will that affect it if I were to do that?

    I don't remember needing to do anything when I started my old job 7 years ago.


  • Do nothing until you get your last pay from your old job - except give your new job your PPS number.

    After that, check myAccount to see if your new job have registered you, and your old job is ended, and your remaining tax credits have transferred from old to new. All this should happen more or less automatically. (Actually, payroll people do things to make it happen).

    If it hasn't happened automatically, you can fix it yourself in myAccount. But it's easier to not have to.