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Architects & Builders Experienced in Retro-Fitting MVHR/DCV & EWI During Renovations

  • 17-09-2021 10:04pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1 night_song

    Hello all,

    We are looking to extend our 21 year old 3 bed semi-d - increasing the size from ~100sqm -> ~190sqm. As part of the works we want to insulate the existing structure (EWI if possible) and minimise thermal bridging where the new and old structure meet. We also want to install mechanical ventilation to improve air quality.

    So far people we have had initial conversations with do not have experience with EWI or mechanical ventilation on projects like this. So, as per the title, we are seeking recommendations (via pm) for architects and builders with experience in this area when designing/building extensions.

    We are based in the Kildare area.