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Took car for a service and now no compression

  • 17-09-2021 7:51pm
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    I took my car to a new mechanic yesterday to get a normal service done. Its a VW Golf, diesel. 160k miles. There was no problem with the car going in, no noises etc. That prompted the trip to the garage, it was just time to get a service.

    Anyway, the mechanic rang me this evening. He said he did the service and changed the oil and after restarting it the car cut out after 10/15 seconds and wouldn't restart. He said it sounded like there was no compression in the engine and suspected that the timing belt may have come of the cogs and caused the issue... Which is obvuously a big deal.

    Anyway, I was pretty stunned to hear this as I was not expecting something like this. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to cars so I'm just wondering if this sort of thing happens and if it sounds plausible. I'm not saying the mechanic messed up but the car was fine going in so to go from that to this is just a shock. I just want to have some clue when I speak to him again so was looking for any tips or thoughts people here might have.

    And the timing belt was done at 110k miles, so about 50k ago.



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    I know with Polos that if you take too long changing the oil there is a possibility the timing chain can go and the engine will loose compression. Completely different engine tho, 1.2 petrol

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    can you elaborate on this, it sounds like its not true, at all at all. very bizarre.

    OP yes, the timing belt can snap, not sure about slipping as its a toothed belt. Servicing of the car would not have caused this issue, however, it needs to be diagnosed first. so best not to jump to conclusions

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    My friend who is a Volkswagen technician told me that when the 1.2 engine came out many years ago the technicians would drain the oil and go on their break and when they came back the timing would be out and the engine would have no compression. So he always tells me that when he does a service on them engines he makes sure to be quick doing the oil. Obviously it wasn’t a common occurrence but it did happen. I didn’t mean that the chain just magically snaps

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    I understand what you are saying. i just think your friend was telling you porkies. the timing is maintained directly by the toothed timing belt. if the teeth remain intact, and the belt doesnt snap, then your oil pressure issue is akin to a long stand, or skyhooks

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    The mechanic needs to diagnose the issue. Not saying they caused the problem, but it’s a bit of a coincidence all the same.

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    Any update on this OP?