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Changing a shaving light, wiring = confusing

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    Registered Users Posts: 286 ✭✭ JohnJoeJames

    I get the colours but, there's two of each wire.

    • As in, two brown, two blue and two earth;
    • What do?
    • Simply coil them together and treat them as one?
    • The old fixture also didn't have an "earth" socket, new one does.
    • I actually attempted to wire it and it does supply power, but whatever I did or did not do, the light only shines at about 5% brightness, as in hardly comes on though there's power.
    • So I'm assuming I'm wiring it wrong in some way.

    ........neural fire-power........ high level of abstraction......


  • With all due respect this is really fundamental stuff!

    By asking this question you demonstrate that you should not be mucking around with a potentially lethal voltage particularly in a bathroom! Time to get a professional in.

    To answer your question: phase in and phase out etc...