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TD Catherine Martin/Depart-Culture announce nightclub + electronic music initiative

  • 15-09-2021 10:03pm
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    "Night time economy taskforce".

    Catchy title.

    Investment in and reform of, Irish nightlife culture and associated policies.

    I guess it's worth mentioning this was proposed in 2019 via Josepha Madigan, but reassuring to see the wheels are actually being set in motion.

    The first question that will spring to mind is, "well, without adequate policing, sounds like a filthy mess of drunken imbecility waiting to happen".

    Perhaps this is the catalyst that will finally light the fire under Drew Harris's ass?

    Perhaps establishing an effective night time police force, will lay a template for more effective day time policing measures?

    "How does that work?"

    Simply because nightlife gets deeper into the heart of human nature, and embracing that could potentially lead to a radical culture shift (which is not entirely co-incidental, as the initiative is being undertaken via the Depart. of Culture), encapsulating policing measures and administration.

    Believe it or not, at the heart of this initiative (being bolstered by adjunct measures to facilitate the end product, such as reform of licencing laws), is the "support of electronic music and clubbing venues".

    Which I must say is a welcome insight from the Irish government as a means of both economic boost and cultural reform as, Ireland itself is home to some of the most renowned electronic music product talent the world over (just they're not very well known in Ireland itself, yet - ironically enough).

    Punctuating what we can expect by way of this exciting and forward thinking initiative from the Irish government over the coming months, and year (optimistically not so long as to be plural)....?

    Ireland's own, Mr Simon Patterson (aka Psy-mon Patterson - psy and tech trance specialist),


    I'm just saying, it may be a welcome reform (or at a minimum, diversification) of Irish nightlife culture from the conventional,

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    The gardai can't even police Dublin during the day and we have stupid judges. How about they start with basics?

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    Have to say this gave me a laugh this morning

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    lol, only the Irish Sun.


    They certainly have those minerals.


    Matter of policing will certainly be front and center;

    Here's my theory:

    I truly believe many Dubliners think that skank/chav culture is "glamorous", i.e. billy-bad-ass and their horrid (sometimes ridiculously hot) crony gal pals (I think the "danger" of teh bad-boys appeals to them?).

    It's like, they think these dudes are real gang-stars, have real "street cred" or some shit.

    I mean to be fair look where it got Conor McGregor, the dudes personality is all Crumlin - still though most of the local chavvies lack the world class athleticism he has.


    Point being, enhanced nightlife culture essentially = a more sexualized culture.

    When the capital comes to terms with sexuality being so much more appealing and fun than being a degenerate bottom feeding mollusk, it will essentially alter their entire mindset.

    People go with trends, and enhancing nightlife (which will be contributed to in no small way by establishing an electronic music nightclub ethos, as this style of melody is essentially a musical representation of getting hot and sweaty), with adequate government regulatory oversight to make sure things go smooth and professionally, I can't see how it WON'T make an impact.

    Look at Amsterdam?

    Home of electronic music and dance festivals, some of the best nightclubs in Europe - yet fantastically policed and highly functional (two of the adjunct goals of this initiative) - that can't just be a coincidence....

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    And BTW I hope they deny publicans.

    Should be for dance or disco bar establishments exclusively.

    More people focused exclusively on getting stupidly shit faced until later = bad mmmkay?

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    People getting off their tits on tabs won't be any better.

    Be tough to tackle the drink culture. Going to the local to see friends and neigbours is great. I wouldn't touch town. They need to come down hard as nails otherwise we will never have the kind of cafe, taking a stroll culture she's hoping for.

    Even if they concentrated on some pockets and heavily policed that would be something.

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    In exhibition of my unequivocal support for this, (by Irish standards) revolutionary initiative, I do intend to continue with contributions to this thread in terms of what this policy may mean and how it may unfold.

    • Pre-acknowledge: worst case scenario - the trash element snowballs, no police and control elements are implemented and it descends into a brief moment of anarchy in the chronicles of Irish politiek.

    But let's try and remain optimistic.

    I suppose when I said above, "by Irish standards", it sounds kind of condescending in the sense I'm insinuating every other global nation has the ideal cultural paradigm, where's we've been left behind digging in the muck.

    Not true.

    The majority of other countries, mostly suck also.

    However, I can't speak to the Netherlands as a whole, but the city of Amsterdam has a setup that, for it's population, tourist influx etc., is exceptionally functional.

    Website iAmsterdam outlines everything to do and see for a trip or transition there, thus it's publicized heavily around the city:

    Thus the aforementioned site listing all event nights and venues.

    I can't see how something like this would even have been applicable in Ireland previously, as most venues open about 12 after you're done queuing, then start to finish up around 2 am, as in you've about enough time to try a grope a few young'uns and you're out the door.

    i.e. less events night as much as kind of a social smash-and-grab (per se).

    With further investment in legit dance events, you'd certainly imagine more refined clubs will begin to attract more established producers, and then something like listings site etc. (hopefully a step up from a facebook page) could become meaningful.

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    Who could stay awake until 5am drinking or even afford it

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    It’s not a competition. Later closing hours means people can go out and have their first drink at 1am then head home at 5 if they want to.

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    This dude!!


    But that's why I was saying, licensure to conventional publicans would not be productive (i.e. the 5 or 6 am law).

    Dance venues exclusively (or disco bars also), cause people don't really get shit faced there.

    Well, some do, and they get horsed out sharp'ish.

    It's to inspire a new culture of music (and in many respects, lifestyle) Ireland has ridiculous potential in but very little promotion of, hotness, sweaty'ness, euphoria, not further the former one of being sat about getting hammered.

    The hipster/goth/emo scene has been done and, I wouldn't necessarily condemn it but it's, how you say.... esoteric.

    Confined to a very small subset of people.

    Where as remember the electronic craze in the 90's? All those classics have been modernized.

    It's basically the sound of shagging encapsulated into a highly produced rework, and who doesn't love a good shag?

    Definitely nothing "esoteric" about that:


    Again just to emphasize, the most functional city embraces this culture, we could all learn a thing or two - that's all I'm saying.

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    No no, that's just an ugly stereotype.

    I understand of course some people do use that, but honestly they're in the minority.

    Drug use is more a metaphor for the kind of "headspace" that clubs wish to promote.

    It's like, get lost in the universe, forget this everyday mundane boredom, free up your mind,

    There are studies contending it does in fact increase brain connectivity or firing, but that's quite subjective (depending on cognition); point being, drug use is merely a metaphor for in a sense, a higher-state-of-consciousness?

    And that's kind of what euphoric trance, electronic production is all about.

    In many respects that style of music, it reflects the neural state of powerful nervous system (thus also associated with aforementioned shagging, good shagging - sexual pleasure is also conducted in neural pulses or "actions potentials").

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    This thread bombed.

    Which is no surprise really as this lifestyle via the music culture in question, is something a governments insightful cultural division is attempting to introduce, not something that's thriving currently.

    Therefore it clearly isn't going to get too much traction being talked about whilst not even having reached its infancy, yet.

    That being said, we can potentially anticipate the fun, and the benefits - through media.

    The following is shot in a club called "Escape", based in the center of Rembrandt square in Amsterdam.

    If you've visited, you'll know this square as it's where many live outdoor festivals are hosted, performance stages on celebration days like King/Queens day are held, cook outs are had, breakdancers perform during the summer months etc.

    Very fun place to be, and much of the excitement of that ascensional escapism pulses from this venue named (not entirely co-incidentally), "Escape".


    It's not just about introducing an alternative music genre;

    It's about implicating the ethos of an entire city.

    Now of course some may question the potential efficacy on something so profound, by way of something which seems so trivial, but from my POV I've seen the effect in living color, so here's just a small taste for y'all to see also; enjoy: