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Learn by Local Car Mechanic

  • 14-09-2021 1:46am
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    Before any DIY job it is good to know the basics.

    Let`s start from the simple things and may be we all learn something new. Every week new lesson inspired by previous weeks texts.

    <b>LESSON 1</b> (week37)

    What do combustion engine need to run? Be simple as possible.

    Hint: The answer must suit by modern car or 100 year old car.


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    I do lots of bits myself, I've love to be able to do the following jobs, have looked at guides but never been confident of not making a balls of it...

    • Replace the brake fluid
    • Replacing a wheel bearing
    • Working on brakes where there's auto handbrake
    • Changing the fuel filter in a petrol car (might be a once in a lifetime job on a car)

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    Ok, everyone knows the basics.

    The correct answer was air/fuel mixture, compression, ignition (petrol engine), all that on right ratio and time.

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    The most important thing is the knowledge. Service manuals or user manuals is the good source to get the right information. I share some free sites.

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    I have load of complains like, "You do not help the people!". Sure, always is possible to do better (show what you can to do!!!). Some reason these complainers does not help anyone at all or suggest complete garbage for members. If you have the key code, just ignore the next message

    Here is my biggest help for every car owners . It can save for you load of money if all keys lost. It does not start the car, but it save the lock opening and decoding money.

    Everyone can make a car key backup (even the smart key owners - emergency access key blade). All what you need is clear (enough) picture from blade. Also is possible to make backup by marker + tape/paper. Key code owners can store the key code copy. It is suggested to store the key related backup data offline (encrypted USB drive, SD memory, paper document folder etc). Do not share picture(s) from key(s) to random people, who can put full picture together (you, car, location, key picture). Keep it safe!

    NB it is not valid car key, it have only educational purpose.

    2nd picture have 2 measurements, it may helps better decoding by picture

    3th picture proofs the measurements was pretty close, 3th 1.55mm and 9th 3.95mm. It is ok to have small errors on manual measurement.

    Please, keep the drama away from that post!

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