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CV format?

  • 13-09-2021 10:50pm
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    I've found myself in the unfortunate situation that I have to write up my CV. My position is going to be made redundant sometime during Q4.

    My problem is the last time I wrote a CV was some time around 2004. How are CVs done these days? Number of pages, detail, etc. Do I put my address on there? Is there a preferred layout?

    I've literally no idea what I'm doing.



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    There's no universally right way to do it, I'm sure you already know. In terms of typical approaches, it depends on the job you're going for. Half the test of doing your CV is reading your audience.

    For me, based on the jobs I've gone for I've always stuck with an old-school type CV - plain and to-the-point. I keep it to two pages, don't do a personal profile or interests hobbies, no pictures or graphics, etc. Just contact details, education, experience, other skills, and a note to say references available upon request. My experience is my main selling point so I really just focus on that.