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Microsoft mouse models

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    I am just wondering on feedback from users who have used either of the Microsoft higher-end mouse models.

    I am thinking of the Modern Mobile Mouse versus the expensive bluetooth arc mouse.

    I am not a gamer nor a heavy user of graphics packages.

    So, I am more looking at the ergonomics.

    The arc mouse looks interesting. A good few years ago when I was using a MacBook Pro rather than Windows (I am primarily Windows now) I had the Mac bluetooth mouse which was quite nice. The impression I get is that the MS Arc/Bluetooth mouse borrows from this but has that feature of being able to flatten for storage and turning off the bluetooth. Visually it looks like it is highly arched and I'd wonder about posture of my right wrist with something like that.

    Any comments from anyone who has used either and prefers one over the other, or can suggest another mouse ?