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T4 Bulb Advice

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    A bulb in a bathroom cabinet has gone and I'm trying to replace it. Outside says T4-22W/865. I can't seem to find anywhere in Ireland that stocks them. Am I unlucky that it's simply a really unusual combination? It's approx 720mm with pins or 712mm without pins. I've found the below place in the UK but assume they either won't ship to Ireland or else it'll be hassle with customs etc. Any idea on somewhere to try online beyond Google searching?

    Thanks for any advice! :)

    T4 22W Daylight Fluorescent Tube 712mm Excluding Pins (

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  • Any electrical wholesalers will have them. All are open to the public.


    Eastern electrical



    And others

    A quick Google gives you multiple numbers of stockists

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  • Thanks both! @Darc19 appreciate the suggestion but I called all of the above and none had stock. Most confirmed that T4 are pretty much discontinued and recommended exactly what @10-10-20 recommended above. All said no chance of getting the specific length I was looking for in Ireland. One did say there's a crowd in the UK called lampsource/lightsource who will go find obscure bulbs for people, but it would probably be mad money.