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Live in Meath or Dublin

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    Hi everyone. Been stressing myself out lately about buying a house. I am originally from Meath but have lived in Dublin since college. I am now married and will want to try for kids in a few years. Been looking at buying in Dublin but tempted to buy in Meath (maybe in Dunshaughlin) so (1) can avail of Help to Buy, (2) have less of a mortgage and therefore less pressure to work in demanding jobs in the future and (3) be close to family (who live about half an hour/ 40 mins from Dunshaughlin) which everyone tells me will be great once we have kids. I also like the idea of our kids growing up in somewhat similar circumstances as I did.

    I do however love Dublin and could see us living in somewhere like Portmarnock near the DART where everything would be very easily accessible. House prices the way they are though makes me wonder if we are mad to consider this.

    If anyone has any advice or been in a similar predicament I would love to hear it!