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Platinum Cleaning Services

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    I had Platinum Cleaning Services call at my house in Thomastown, Co Kilkenny on the 23.7.2021 and paid them 280 euros for washing down of some walls and the cleaning of a brick paved area in front of the house of all growth in the joints. Their promise in respect of the brick paved area was there would be no growth in the joints for years. Yet in less than 8 weeks since the work has been carried there are weeds in the joints of the brick paved area. I cannot get hold of them by telephone so I sent them two emails asking them to return to my brick paved area and carry out remedial works at their expense. They gave not done so to date. Any company doing business in Ireland should honour its promises made at the outset.


  • I think it is disgraceful that Platinum Cleaning Services has not come back to my house to clean the bricked paved area of weeds. I have tried to contact them by telephone to no avail but I have sent them three emails without reply. A company such as this one doing business in Ireland should be held responsible if they fail to deliver to clients what they promised in the first instance.