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Lc physics

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    Hi. Posted this in leaving cert but no replies so trying here.

    . Nephew just gone into 6th year and wants to take up physics. He's dropping another subject. School doesn't offer physics. Does anyone know if it is possible to do physics without a teacher to sign off on experiments?

    Also, does anyone recommend an online grind that would cover the course in a year. (based in South East so physically attending grinds might be problem)


  • It is possible to do physics in a year, a lot would depend on his aptitude for it. If he is good at maths (ideally taking higher level maths) and has a good general aptitude for technical, mathematical, engineering type subjects then physics would be a good fit. Generally the sign off is not an issue as there isn't anything to be signed off, and there's no coursework to be submitted.

    I'd also say that if he is dropping a subject in school and assuming this isn't a problem with the school, he will have extra classes every week to work on physics along with what he does outside school.

  • Thanks for that. He is mathematical so will give it a go...