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Tuesday 7th September

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    Registered Users Posts: 824 ✭✭✭ SonOfGoat

    Few bets today.

    1.00 Catterick, Cover name, around 4/11. I've backed this earlier on today. Should win in '2' horse race. Win bet

    1.10 Leicester, Cotai hero, around 6/4. Can't see this horse winning here. I've layed the fuc out of it the past 15 minutes. My best of the day by far. Lay bet.

    1.30 Catterick, Mews house, around 7/4. Again, can't see it winning here. Lay bet.

    2.25 Goodwood, Rock melody, around 6/4. Another lay bet, hard to see this horse winning this race. A lot of unexposed horses here and more times than not there is 1 or 2 too good.

    2.45 Leicester, Saratoga gold, around 11/8. I think this is a great price. I think the horse will win here. Hard to believe it's currently the second fav here. Will more than likely get backed in before the off. Win bet

    3.20 Leicester, Dubai station, around 5/4. I think the horse will win here. I haven't checked it's form but I heard a little whisper that the fav Roulston scar is not on the job today, therefore, only Dubai station in the race. Win on Dubai station.