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Home printer repair in D15 ?


  • I doubt youll find anyone offering this as a service. Desktop printers are cheap, parts are expensive. That combination does not make for a niche where a business can make profit.

  • Yeah, i was thinking the same but I just bought a load of ink cartridges so was hoping not to have wasted that money

  • Most of them aren't repairable and their value would only pay for ~20 minutes of someone skilled's time anyway!

    Buy another of the same printer second hand on eBay or similar if you have a rake of ink for it.


    Worth a try to even see, small so might be able to call up to show him

  • Also - usually fairly robust…

    apart from consumables - a clean of the ink heads or rollers might help?

    whats the problem?

    “Roll it back”

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  • I can fix printers but honestly you will be better buying a new one that takes the same carts unless its worth €500 plus.

    Like pay me 50 to call round 50 to diagnose and then 50 plus parts (say 50 to fix) and you have spent 200 to keep an old printer running.

    I agree it's a waste , that's what I can fix stuff but I can't work for free and no one can. Buy a new or lightly used one for best value and never buy ink ahead Xerox don't sell printers they sell carts.

  • What's the printer model

  • epson stylus photo r320....

    Any ideas what printers would take the same ink cartriges?


  • Not sure if this is an option, used one on Ebay in UK for €115, factor in then about €70 for delivery and import duty.

  • I've tried to fix an Epson (XP-405 / XP-415) printer, spent a few days laboriously cleaning the print head following guides on YouTube - unsuccessfully... at some point it gave a (very-well-known in the industry) Error Message of Doom. That was after spending 20 quid on now-useless replacement inks.

    Before I brought it to the recycling centre, I found a similar Epson model dumped, took it home and tried to fix that. Print head first, then a Cartridge not Recognised error, then a Paper Jam error. Sledgehammer. I am now satisfied after wasting a full week for nothing.

    They're absolutely not worth spending the time or money getting fixed, 'cos even if they can be repaired, they'll crap out again. There's a fixed print count that needs a service centre to reset as well as the inkwell sponges that fill up over time (every time you plug it in they flush some ink through the nozzles). Maybe try advertise the ink for sale and dump the printer.

    A Canon printer we had just gave an error message one day and died. It's a known problem that can't be fixed. I've made it my mission to advise ppl against that brand.

    I've got a Brother printer. I was able to pull it completely apart and put it back (after spilling a drink into it) thanks to the service manual that I found (unofficially) online.

    There's a HP printer in the family too, that seems to have lasted a decent amount of time but gobbles up ink.

    Generally, older models were far superior. Oh and NEVER update your printer's firmware. It's essentially just a way to block cheaper/unofficial cartridges from being used.

    It is what it's.

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