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Best company for insurance quote: farm which has been leased out.

  • 06-09-2021 1:03pm
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    I inherited my uncle's farm 35 years ago and I've been renewing the same insurance since then. I don't even know what the insurance company is! I just renew it with the local broker every October.

    This year I've decided to so some shopping around, alas Axa seems to be the only insurer that gives actual online quote (€265). The others take a few details and then it's a "callback".

    My insurance needs are basic. Public liability for 65 acres. I'm not sure if I could ensure the outbuildings. There's a self-feed that is about 50 years old; the rest are much older than that.

    I'm currently paying €330, and that has been increasing incrementally over the last few years.

    Anybody in a similar situation and have a suggestion?


Best Answer

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    Point of using a broker is they should be shopping round for you and getting you the best deal each year. Time to change broker if that's not happening.

    My car insurance is with a broker and almost every year I get the renewal along with a cheaper option (which I go with).

    I priced around myself a couple of years and once found a quote €10 cheaper but the brokers quote included a €20 brokerage fee so the actual premium was €10 more. I felt the broker deserved the €10 more than an insurance company as the broker had saved me a lot more in other years and less hassle for me.


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    A a still the best. Got a notice from my existing insurance company for €420!

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    Thats interesting, i tried to insure land i own & lease to a farmer (wanted 3rd party liability) and was told they werent interested as Im not a farmer. maybe i need to call axa.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I got a quote of €250 from a broker in the Midlands. Went with that. Public liability and nothing else.

    One of the advantages of brokers is they “buy policies in bulk” (so to speak) and get a discount for the custom, and can distribute that discount to the end customer. It usually costs less than going direct.