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Leaving Cert 2021 grades... What yee get?

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    Ours were through the roof so much all the teachers are wondering how were going to match it next year 🤣

    9 students over 600!!!! Usually we might have 2

    The country will be awash with doctors.

    Apparently the students will be getting to see both grades.

    Any teacher bashers out there... Ya sure, let's go with continuous assessment done by teachers, and their pay increases based on results... Yay


  • Ours were crazy inflated too and from an average year group.

    its the next few years I feel sorry for, they will be competing against the 2019 & 2020 cohort for points for a good few years and won’t have the inflated grades to match

  • What did ye get? What did ye give, you mean. Almost all of mine got what I gave them, and the ones who didn’t definitely got theirs in the exam.

    Not going to affect them that much. It should only be the relatively low achievers who’ll be hanging on, and it would be a bit of a risk to assume that there won’t be invented grades again this year and more inflated grades. I think most of this year’s cohort will take something they’re offered, in case things get worse. Vaccine overconfidence might inflate the number of hangers on a little, but not much, surely?

  • We all knew this would happen.

    Private schools were not getting caught out again this year.

    Principals of state schools telling staff to mark generously. And some of it made sense, if you felt someone deserved a H1, then they were given a high H1 percentage so they wouldnt get downgraded.

    Kids in the middle or lower end seemed to have done great, but the high achievers are the ones getting stung since they cannot get their choice of course even though some had 625 points which is madness.

    The dropout rate in third level will be interesting this year where you have some lads failing German for the last two years off to study languages in Trinity.

  • Joe Duffman airing all the students who lost out even though they had max points or if they deferred from last year.

    Of course Joe scrambling to blame someone, mainly Simon Harris, all parents and kids angry and looking to blame someone.

    Students who had pitchforks out demanding "Choice" in the 2021 Leaving Cert for predicted grades + simplified written exam be like...

  • There was also a line in the various articles in the times yesterday that said something about if grades were moderated downwards to bring them into line with last year then they would be moderating 32% of grades and they didn't want to do that.

    Why wouldn't they do that? They knew exactly what was going to happen with rampant grade inflation. And the only message it sends out to teachers and students is that it does no harm to bump up the grades, as there's a better chance of being awarded them than not.

    It said that typically 700-800 get above 600 points pre Covid. This year it was 2500. It's also a ludicrous situation that a student would be left on random selection with 625.

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  • We weren't under pressure correcting to hit a bell curve either. The exam was just too easy for a well prepared student. They hadn't a clue how they were going to compare different bell curves so they just didn't try. A H1 student can often end up with a H2 by hitting a question that the marking scheme was tightened on, or misunderstanding something under the pressure, without this or curving massive inflation was a fore gone conclusion. It'll be interesting to see the overall breakdown of points versus exam. Students were definitely less prepared for the exam this year as they had the back up