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Administrative officer

  • 02-09-2021 11:11pm
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    What are the realities of working in the county council as an administrative officer?

    I have past middle management experience in a semi state organisation, I could do the tasks with my eyes shut and often ended up taking parts of other roles alongside my own main job, getting promoted and several pay rises.

    But I found the politics draining to deal with. There was a huge amount of politics and underhandness. A lot of the young junior staff were openly after my job (it was a nice role) and constantly tried to undermine me behind my back and push me out of my role. There were other staff who were against everything in general and were not open to change at any level, making it very difficult to get day to day stuff done.

    Then we had some older staff who had previously been in civil service clerical officer level and they refused to take any instructions from me (a new younger member of management) and were constantly lecturing me on how to do my job. Making everything a power play.

    Upper management was very weak, so all of this was not stamped out.

    Would an administrative officer role in county council be the very same? (I'm not after the glossy answers, please give me the real picture here!).