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Trudeau's oil-pipeline policy.

  • 02-09-2021 5:14pm
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    According to an article written by Ottawa-based journalist Charlie Mitchell and published in The Sunday Times (29 August 2021), many Canadians feel that prime minister Justin Trudeau didn't deliver after his 2015 electoral victory.

    Trudeau preached environmentalism but spend four-and-a-half billion Canadian dollars (three billion euro) on an oil pipeline.

    How is it that a democratically-elected left-wing government (especially one led by the apparently woke Trudeau) in a Western country can bring itself to preside over a policy of constructing an oil pipeline that, inevitably, would have a negative impact on the environment?


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    Because people want to be able to heat thier home and use electronics

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    Liberal Party are left-wing?

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,018 ✭✭✭ Carfacemandog

    I split time between Ireland and Canada, and the irony of trying to attack trudeau from the right for the pipeline that the right so desperately wanted is fecking hilarious.

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    I never said what my political inclination is. I was simply raising a point regarding the inconsistency of his policy with not just his party's apparent political affiliation but also with his apologetic policy towards minorities and so on.

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    A politician is inconsistent with respect to campaign messages versus policy? Are you really surprised by this?

    Fianna Gael, when in Government backed up by Fianna Fail, signed Ireland up to the Paris Agreement. During the last program for government negotiations, the only ones who tried to bring anything to help the country meet the targets of that agreement were the Greens, and they simply got torn to shreds for doing so. There was even a thread on here lambasting them for having the nerve to talk about the environment with Covid going on.

    Already someone on this thread has suggested consumer needs take precedence over any concerns about the environment, that is what politicians are dealing with despite knowing the reality of what is happening.

    Everyone is able to look back and say 'they should have done this', what do you think should/could be done right now to help the environment without a politician likely getting kicked out of office at the next election for unpalatable policies.

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    It's not just about campaign messages. Trudeau's policy is out of sync with his apologetic attitude towards indigenous people.