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ACA Flexible Route

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    Anyone here have experience of doing the flexible route with ACA? Have a couple of questions I would like some advice on. I have full CAP 1 exemptions so beginning at CAP2. I am going to do 2 subjects this year and 2 next year.

    1. What I am wondering is what two subjects would you recommend me to do together first? As in is there two where the syllabus overlaps? I know from reading up on ACCA that there are certain ones that it is beneficial to do two together.
    2. What external providers have you used outside of CAI?


  • I don't know if you're allowed to pick which combinations of subjects you can do if you split them over two years. If you can though, I would try to do Financial Reporting and Audit together as you'll need the financial reporting knowledge for the audit exam.

  • Agree with Alan. Basically you shouldn't do Audit before you do Financial Reporting so that narrows down your options.

    I recommend you do Financial Reporting first as it is the basics of what you will need to do your job so that narrows down the options further.

    So FR + either Tax or SFMA. It doesn't really matter which.

    I found tax easier so you might want to choose to do tax during the busier of the two years with whatever you have going on in your life.


    CAI notes and lectures are very good. You don't need to use a third party.

  • Thanks very much for the heads up.

    I'm not sure myself if I can choose which subjects I do together, but I wanted to have an idea of what to take if I am allowed to choose.