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Sealing internal windows and doors.

  • 31-08-2021 4:04pm
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    Just wondering what would one use to seal between the window frames and walls inside house? White silicone or caulk? Or what is the best method? Just to stop drafts and heat escaping. Its a new house but I do thinking this area of the build could be a bit better.

    Thank you.


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    This is interesting. Can you provide photos of the issues? How severe are the drafts?

    When you say new, how new is the house and is it a once-off or estate build?

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    For me I just want to stop any heat escaping between the window frame and reveals. House is built and finished since March 2021. No known drafts but I'm just anal about heat loss etc especially when winter comes.

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    Look, it should be rather well sealed in this day-in-age, but but what size gaps are we talking about here?

    If you do have significant gaps between the plaster-work and the PVC, then it might need to be looked into, but if they are hairline then it's likely to be expansion and contraction of the plaster and the U-PVC with heat. If that's truly the cause, I'd recommend a caulk as a gap closer. Caulk takes paint well, while silicone wont and is more difficult to work with.

    Again, I'd suggest that it's probably more for aesthetics in a new house than necessity.

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    Maybe 2mm gaps but not huge gaps. But anywhere where there is a crack I would think heat could possibly escape or drafts/leaks could be coming into house.