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Where do i sell a Diamond ring. (Mens)

  • 30-08-2021 9:24am
    Registered Users Posts: 16 Padman225

    Hi all, I need your advice if you don't mind. I have a ring that was given to me in a previous relationship about 10 years ago. As the relationship is over I would like to sell it. Its a 18ct white gold ring with five small diamonds. Where could I sell it. I'm based in galway


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    The simple answer is to Google 'sell gold galway' and you'll get a few options. I'd call several of them first to see if they'll buy it. You'll hopefully get 70-80% of the melt value of the gold.

    For the diamonds you'll be lucky to get 25% of the resale value.

    Fingers crossed for you!

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    The competition for melt metals is ok , I'd say you should get at least 90% of melt value.

    Unless it is completely hideous, you will get a fair market price selling the ring as a ring, rather than a band and stone separately

    Get a valuation from a jewellery specialist in an auction house. It's free of charge.

    Alternatively check in with some jewellers to see if they have an interest in buying direct, or possibly have a potential client.

    Theres a huge difference between jewellery retail price, and open market price. A jeweller might sell just a half-dozen items in a week, his/her margins need to be substantial to eek out a decent living.

    An 'open market' price is comparative to 'wholesale' price level