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Windows 7 Laptop will not connect direct to router wirelessly unless Wired LAN drivers are installed

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    Registered Users Posts: 10,501 ✭✭✭✭ Andy From Sligo

    Its a strange thing this, I didnt know whether this question belonged in the computer section or the Networking system .

    Here is the scenario .

    Windows 7 laptop without its LAN Ethernet Drivers installed (yellow exclamation mark in device manager) ,

    plug in a 802.11g USB dongle - windows recognises it and installs the drivers for it (already included in windows),

    all good - Go to wireless symbol next to clock , shows available wireless networks - a FritzBox 7530 (and a wi-fi repeater I have in the house , in the hall) both have same WPA2password.

    OK so I go to connect to fritzbox router with the right WPA2 password and it doesnt take it, then it comes up with another different box to put the password in . I put the correct WPA2 password in and it says 'incorrect password' its not - if I go into device manager and install the Ethernet Wired Drivers (say its a gigabyte ethernet 10/100) then I can connect fine to the fritzbox router with the same correct WPA2 password.

    OR .....

    I can connect fine to the Fritzbox router if I choose the repeater in the hall (which is connected to the fritzbox) even without the wired LAN drivers missing on the laptop.

    So, really all I want to do is get my head around why the windows 7 laptop will not connect to wireless network from the fritzbox router if I dont have the Wired lan drivers installed ..... but will connect to the wifi repeater (which is wirelessly connected to the fritxbox router) even with the windows 7 wired LAN drivers not installed or will connect wirelessly direct to the fritzbox if I install the drivers for the wired LAN / Ethernet on the windows 7 laptop?

    What would be blocking getting connected wirelessly direct to the fritzbox - but managing to connect to the fritzbox router through the wi-fi repeater?