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Spencer (Pablo Larraín)

  • 26-08-2021 5:21pm
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    Princess Diana biopic with Kristen Stewart from the director of Jackie.


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    I was ready to laugh but it looks decent...

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    Jackie was excellent so I’d have high hopes for this. And Johnny Greenwood is scoring!

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    Oscar bait all over this for Kristen Stewart.

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    Kristen Stewart definitely looks the part, she is hugely talented, interesting director as well

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    Meghan Markle next?

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    I saw this today in the lighthouse.

    It wasn't my choice, I did not enjoy Jackie (same director).

    It just didn't quite work for me overall. It had a little to much arty nonsense lots of swirling and dancing around in rooms, very little plot, incredibly annoying music, Diana on screen pretty much constantly, no other character gets much to do (Sally Hawkins is excellent in the little screen time she has). I like Stewart as an actress she has made some really interesting choices of projects, she does look uncannily like her at points, I would predict award noms for her.

    Worth a watch but not wow for me.


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    Saw this earlier and I'm sure what exactly it's about but I liked it all the same. The most interesting thing about it though is the score and I wasn't surprised to see Johnny greenwood's name in the credits. I know the story itself isnt true but I wonder if that's the way the royal family is behind closed doors. They came across as a very cold bunch indeed.

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    wouldnt mind a good psycho thriller, even a decent name suggestion there Meghan is watching you!!

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    Even worse, she was hawking €2 drinks in Diceys #LowRent

    Have no interest in this film tbh as I'd blame Diana (and the media of course but she very much courted it also when it suited) for having a fair-sized role in helping to kick off the whole "modern celebrity culture" phenomenon which now leaves us with the vacuous vacuum situation with every eejit on Instagram with 10 followers or more thinking they are an "influencer".

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    Went to see it at the weekend, and i'm sure lovers of certain camera panning shots, panoramic views, metaphors and reading way too much into scenes will appreciate it, for the average cinema goer the plot was very weak. As a lover myself of cinema popcorn i did not expect to be eating it while watching someone throwing up and that had their head in a toilet for far too much of the movie. i found a lot of scenes i was watching them and thinking "how did they just spend 5 minutes of this movie on that?" and "why did they waste all those minutes on that scene?"

    Having seen and loved Jackie, i personally felt Spencer was lacking in entertainment as a movie and the plot moved so so slowly it didn't really go anywhere. maybe that was the point and i just didn't get it.

    it came across to me as a movie clearly designed and made to win Kristen Stewart Awards and have all the critics pandering to her, where Jackie was much more storyline based, and interesting in my opinon. i wouldn't be watching it again tbh it's not for me.

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    Didn't quite hit the mark for me. Lots of splendid sets and performances but to what end I asked myself throughout. Christmas with the in-laws, while in a marriage on its last legs, could have easily been done in a two-up two down in Hounslow without the big budget, pomp and circumstance.

    Didn't appreciate the clumsy allusions to her being murdered.

    On the plus side I feel Stewart could be blossoming into one of the greats.

    5/10 (Still 100 times better than No Time to Dies or all that Superhero junk).

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    Watched this tonight - jaysus... tis grim.. kinda made in an interesting way (like, would be great if it was purely fictional).. but not sure its a true reflection of Diana (RIP)... Stewart is class in it though..

    Q - did she actually tell him that she wanted a divorce in the movie? if so I missed that bit

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    Now on Amazon Prime.

    Very well made with lots of weird details about royal life - weighing guests in and out to see if they enjoyed the food, twenty different outfits for her three day Christmas visit. When she wore the "wrong" outfit to church, it was regarded as a sure sign of mental breakdown. But the family ignored lots of other signs of marital crisis.

    "A Princess on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown"

    Kristen Stewart does very well, her accent is good and she absolutely gets Diana physically. William and Harry are just right. Very little of the other Royals, even Charles. If they were making it now, surely they would give Andrew a couple of lines. Something predatory.

    A story about the Falls Road is the only bum note.