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What is the Best XSX Headset under €100?

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    I'm in the market for a new headset, especially with Halo & COD Vanguard just around the corner. I also love a good single-player game.

    Can anyone offer any advice on what they'd recommend? My budget is under €100.


  • The official MS wireless headset gets great reviews. It's bang on 100 euro. Works with Xbox and Windows. No dongle needed. Connects via bluetooth on Windows and natively pairs with Series X. Works in stereo but also has object based surround sound - comes standard with Windows Sonic surround but there is a Dolby Atmos App and DTS Headphone X App you can try free for a week and then purchase.

    Smyths have them in stock.

  • you cant really go wrong with this one, bought it myself at christmas and no issues with it at all, if you have the dolby atmos app its even better

    edit I had linked the wrong one on amazon, its the steelseries 1 wireless for xbox, you need the one specific for xbox as the dongle changes from usb to xbox

  • Microsoft are also bringing out a wired version of the same headset, all the same functions for a few quid cheaper (if you don't mind being wired up to your controller)

  • a +1 on the official 99euro MS wireless headset (although got mine day1 it died after week, got replacement).

    Its a solid headset, wireless, great sound and mic, and good sound isolation, rechargable battery, and some really nice features, especially for games where you need to chat, customisable for mic/game sound levelling and as mentioned Sonic and Atmos support. The ability to change sound levels by turning the cups on the headset is really cool.