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Importing a car from a family member in UK to Ireland

  • 25-08-2021 4:42pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1 Magda93


    Hope you can help me here. I live in Ireland. My uncle who lives in UK is leaving the country permanently soon and he proposed to give me his car for free for me to use it in Ireland. The car original value was ~35k£ and looking to some second hand dealers they are selling the same car around ~9k£.

    From the revenue:


    Importing a vehicle from Great Britain (GB)

    From 1 January 2021 vehicles imported from Great Britain are liable to:

    An electronic customs declaration will be required in advance of the vehicle arriving in the State.


    So my questions would be,

    -How do I know if I have to pay customs duty which I have no idea what it is?

    -I guess I will need to pay VAT but what would be the base amount as there wont be any monetary transaction between my uncle and myself?



  • Moderators, Science, Health & Environment Moderators Posts: 17,367 Mod ✭✭✭✭ Sam Russell

    VRT is based on the On the Market Value as determined by Revenue. You can find this out by going to the Revenue VRT site. If it is diesel then the NOX charge could be horrendous. Check it first - the NOX value is on the registration document, along with the CO2 value used to calculate the VRT.

    VAT is calculated on the invoice price, but since that is zero, the Revenue will make an assessment.

    Another option would be to sell the car in the UK, and buy a similar or more appropriate car here, or use the money for something else. Prices for second hand cars in the UK is very high at the moment.