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Solicitors' Invoices

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    From the website, there is a definition of the requirements for a document to be considered a valid VAT invoice:

    The Value-Added Tax (VAT) invoice must show:

    • the date of issue
    • a unique sequential number
    • the supplier’s full name, address and registration number
    • the customer's full name and address
    • in the case of a reverse charge, the customer’s VAT number and a notation that a ‘reverse charge applies’. (This does not apply to construction services subject to Relevant Contracts Tax)
    • in the case of a intra-Community supply of goods, the customer’s VAT number and a notation that this is an ‘intra-Community supply of goods’
    • in the case of triangulation, an explicit reference to EC triangulation simplification and an indication that the person in receipt of the goods is liable to account for the VAT due on the supply
    • the quantity and nature of the goods supplied
    • the extent and nature of the services rendered
    • the VAT exclusive unit price
    • the payment received net of VAT
    • the discounts or price reductions
    • the breakdown by the rate of VAT
    • the total VAT payable in respect of the supply
    • the date on which the goods or services were supplied
    • where an early payment is made prior to the completion of the supply, the date on which the payment on account was made. This is the case only if that date differs from the date of issue of the invoice
    • the full name and address and the Member State's VAT number of the tax representative. This is the case where a tax representative is liable to pay the VAT in another Member State.

    Do solicitors have some sort of exemption from these requirements?

    I have recently seen invoices from both a large and a small practice which don't meet these requirements and am wondering whether it could be due to separate requirements for solicitors or if it could be sloppy practice.