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Advice for a new PME student/teacher

  • 24-08-2021 8:10pm
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    Hi folks,

    Starting my PME next week. School lined up and they want me to do as many hours as possible as I'm teaching maths and can teach other STEM subjects. I've asked to keep it to 10 hours max to give me space for PME and young family. I'm 36, so hoping my old face gives me an advantage in blagging a bit.

    Details from DCU were pretty late, so only getting through the PME handbook now, but I genuinely have no idea what to expect for the most part. No timetable from the school, no idea what classes I have for PME or otherwise. Very little contact from the school generally. Getting timetable on Thursday.

    I've run through the curriculum, drawn a broad plan just to familiarize myself with the structure, and have a bit of content prepared, should I be thrown in the deep end. But that's it for now.

    So, experienced teachers: any advice for new PMEs going in next week? Thinking back to your first week, any nuggets of wisdom you'd like to share? Pitfalls and mistakes that can be avoided? Any advice would be great.



  • Moderators, Recreation & Hobbies Moderators Posts: 4,467 Mod ✭✭✭✭dory

    10 hours?? Are you being paid for any of that ? Your school is totally taking the p$$$.

    Other than that, my only advice would be to breathe, and keep up any hobbies you have. They'll keep you sane. Is this PME 1 ? I just met with the PME I'll be working with today. She's meant to teach from day 1 (due to her type of course), but due to Covid she hasn't had the experience she should have so I'm doing the first two weeks. Some colleges wrote to schools asking for that kind of leniency. In any case, PME1s shouldn't be teaching on their own straight away. Never too early to join a union.

    Stay organised. I used just about keep on top of schoolwork Monday - Friday, and then spend about 2 weekends a month catching up on college work / paper work (lesson plans etc). Make an effort to make friends in the PME. Mine got me through, giving me lesson plans I could put in my folder to fatten it up (before the days of online submissions).

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    Best of luck.... hope you are getting paid for most of those hours.

    First few weeks in school can be tough, many Principals and teachers aren't nearly as well organised as they pretend to be.

    Keep on top of work and don't fret over errors/what I should/could have done.

    If you work hard and reflect on your own work and how the kids are learning you will do very well.

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    just keep things simple , rolls done right, classroom management theres a few good youtube vids on that from an Aussie lad i cant think of right now. One thing know the code of behaviour well and the sanctions for various things and like the disciplinary line of contact. Try to do an extra curricullar activity its a great way to build a relationship with students and get to know them.

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    Dont panic thats the main thing :)

  • Moderators, Education Moderators, Regional South East Moderators Posts: 12,456 Mod ✭✭✭✭byhookorbycrook

    Don't try to be " friends" with your students, that's not your role and they won't respect you for it. The videos referenced above are likely to be from Bill Rogers,he is fantastic. I've heard him speak a few times, when he announced he doesn't use powerpoint, there was a round of applause each time

    There are lots of great videos, but this is one is excellent:

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  • Registered Users Posts: 505 ✭✭✭stiofan85

    folks, thanks so much for the replies. All very helpful.

    That Bill Rogers chap is very insightful. That's the exact type of thing I was looking for. Will watch a bunch of his videos.

    @dory the extra hours are paid as they are so short staffed in the Maths dept. Yes, I'm PME 1 and a bit like your PME, I'm expected to teach from day 1. It's a bit bonkers but i'll figure it out - appreciate the advice.