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Need advice badly please help (Concrete H post foundation issue)

  • 22-08-2021 7:04pm
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    I'm converting (or trying to) a garden from gravel back to a regular lawn (really want a natural lawn badly).

    One border of the garden has a concrete H post + gravel board + fence panel setup (6 foot above grade is combined height of H post + gravel board).

    To my horror the way the foundation for the H posts was done was with no soil used to pack in / cover the foundation so I have concrete above soil level spreading at least 3 - 4 feet in messy, random shapes around each H post (trust me its bad) and obviously having these islands of concrete would make any lawn look so bad :(

    (1) All the videos / pictures I've seen of gardens with this type of fencing has nice clean soil on top of the foundation where grass is growing seamlessly next to the posts.

    Is it unusual that they didn't use soil in my case? Typically how much space around the H post foundations should be packed in with soil to allow e.g. grass to grow and keep the lawn neat?

    (2) I'm guessing the only solution is to get a builder to take apart the fencing and redo the foundations? I'm guessing they won't be able to recycle the H post so this is going to be expensive.

    Someone with any experience or even an opinion please comment, feeling quite depressed with this problem. :(